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Britto A New Day Packing Cubes 5pc Set

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Our best-selling packing cubes just got better!

Introducing our new Britto Packing Cubes, part of a Limited-Edition Series of travel accessories. Born in Brazil, Romero Britto is a Florida-based neo-pop artist, painter, serigrapher, and sculptor. Combining elements of pop art and graffiti painting, Britto’s signature style is recognized worldwide.

Now you can match your packing cubes with your luggage. These fashionable cubes offer the same great features but in a brand new and colourful design, featuring a bold and vibrant Britto artwork that will make packing fun and easy. Made from soft satin-finished fabric, they are both durable yet lightweight.

The Britto Packing Cube set allows you to organize your packing while saving space at the same time. You can organize your packing by packing larger items in your Larger size packing cubes, and your smaller accessories in your Smaller size packing cubes. Avoid unhygienic Hotel drawers and dressers by keeping your clothes in your Packing Cubes when you unpack. Use the Cubes to pack your laundry to keep it separate from your good clothes. His / Hers in separate bags, packing for kids, undergarments and accessories. The possibilities are endless for organized packing. Never open up a suitcase to have things spill out in a mess. The packing cubes allow for compact, organized packing, as well as organized unpacking.

  • From suitcase to hotel dresser to home, packing cubes keep clothes clean, organized and reduce the chances of wrinkling.
  • With a top carry handle for portability and double zipper pullers for easy opening/closing.
  • With a zippered front pocket for quick and easy access which also helps to better organize.
  • Organize by size for different family members, or to separate clean vs soiled items.
  • Not just for travelling – they can be used at home to organize dressers or drawers, keeping you clutter-free and not searching for lost items.
  • Ideal to store seasonal items like winter hats/gloves/scarves. Also perfect for first aid kits, jewelry, diaper bags, children’s crafts, and much more.

17.5” – 5.8 oz – 166 g
16.0” – 4.7 oz – 136 g
14.0” – 4.2 oz – 120 g
12.5” – 3.5 oz – 100 g
11.0” – 3.2 oz – 91 g

17.5" x 12.7" x 3.0" – 45cm x 32cm x 8cm
16.0” x 11.0” x 3.0" – 41cm x 28cm x 8cm
14.0" x 9.8" x 3.0" – 35cm x 25cm x 8cm
12.5” x 8.5” x 3.0” – 32cm x 22cm x 8cm
11.0” x 6.7” x 3.0” – 28cm x 17cm x 8cm

Satin-Finished Polyester

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