Miraculous Lady Bug - Kids Luggage - (RT-MR01-22AR)

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18" – 3.7 lbs – 1.7 kg

18" x 12.5" x 9" – 46cm x 32cm x 23cm

Polycarbonate Composite

Protruding Inline skate wheels with Metal Bearings

Quick-Release Trolley Handle System




ZAG Kids Luggage – Miraculous Lady Bug 

Made especially for Kids! The ''Designer ZAG" collection was created by Heys with the unique characteristics of children in mind, as it incorporates several design features that benefit children

The fun and colourful ZAG Kids luggage features a variety of unique character prints; including all your children's favourites from Miraculous Lady Bug.

In creating a unique Kids series for ZAG, our designers incorporated several children-specific features:
  • Patent Pending design allows the wheels to 'protrude' out. This wheel protrusion keeps the luggage elevated, so that even when kids pull the luggage at a very low height off the floor, the wheels are the only point of contact and the luggage still rolls with ease
  • Made from a durable and lightweight Polycarbonate Composite, that's impact-resistant yet easy for kids to maneuver, weighing in at only 1.7 kg / 3.7 pounds
  • Featuring inline skate wheels with metal bearings, making their rolling quieter and smoother for kids
  • Quick-Release Trolley Handle System is safe and easy for children to use to find the perfect height
  • Fully-lined and colourful interior features double-interlocking straps to keep things in place, and a zippered divider for organization, so kids can pack just like the adults
Patent Protected
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Miraculous Lady Bug - (RT-MR01-22AR): 665556047673

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